Our Staff

Front Office - Thorp

I have been working in the dental profession for about 16 years, when in August of 2013, I was privileged to become part of the Dental Health Center family. Upon your arrival to our office, I will be the one who greets you with a smile and maybe a fresh cup of coffee or tea. I am here to take care of your dental insurance claims, setting up payment plans, or answer any billing questions that you may have. I absolutely love coming to work and seeing our patients every day! I feel good knowing our patients are getting the top quality dental care that they deserve.

I look forward to seeing you on your visit to Dental Health Center.

Office Coordinator - Chippewa Falls

To be perfectly honest dentistry would never have been my career choice. It came to me. My family dentist contacted me when he was considering expanding his team. I originally trained as an assistant in Tomahawk, Wisconsin, 20 years ago. During my time in dentistry I’ve come to love my profession. It’s hard not to when you are part of helping put a smile on the face of someone that hasn’t smiled in a long time. At Dental Health Center-Chippewa Falls, I can be found at the front desk scheduling, answering phones and managing insurance. I still find myself assisting if needed.

Front Office - Eau Claire

Like me, the whole team at Dental Health Center loves working with people. I look forward to seeing our patients each day. It means a lot when I can help take care of the insurance issues for them. I know it makes their lives easier. They get the treatment they need and leave here without any worries. Dr. John is also great to work with. I like the way he sets our patients at ease. The team is fun and I like what I do, so my days fly by quickly here.

Dental Assistant - Eau Claire

As an assistant, I get to know our patients because I see them so frequently. Because we share stories with one another and talk about our lives, they start to feel like they are family. It makes me feel really good getting to help them through their visits with us. Since I suffer from TMJ disorder, I appreciate the fact that there is an emphasis here on pain-free, low-stress, gentle dental treatment. The other nice thing about being here is that Dr. John and the whole Dental Health Center team make this a pretty relaxed and good place to come to whether you are a patient or an employee.

Dental Hygienist - Stanley and Cadott

The Dental Health Center is a wonderful place to be! It’s an experienced, educated and hardworking team that I’m happy to be part of. One of the best things about being a Hygienist is being able to build meaningful, lasting relationships with my patients while providing comfortable care. It’s also fun to help people achieve healthy smiles!

Dental Hygienist - Eau Claire

I am very passionate about what it is I do for a living, which is working one-on-one with our patients to maintain and improve their oral health. Dr. John likes to make sure we have only the best and most advanced technology available for the patients we see. Yet, like all of us, he always emphasizes a gentle, caring touch. We have an amazingly skilled team here. It is also a fun office. That makes it a great place to visit for our patients in addition to being an enjoyable place to work

Dental Hygienist - Thorp and Cadott

I’ve been a dental hygienist since 2010, and I love coming to work every day! Not only because the team that I work with is a lot of fun, because also because our patients are like our family to me. I enjoy getting to know each patient, making sure they feel comfortable, and are well taken care of. It’s so rewarding to me when a patient comes back and says how easy and pain-free their cleanings are. I’m very proud to be a part of the Thorp Dental Health Center, bringing the latest, most advanced technology to our community. My favorite month is February, which is National Children’s Dental Health Month, as it allows me the opportunity to go into our local elementary schools and teach kids about oral health!

Dental Assistant and Office Coordinator - Thorp

As a dental assistant, I get the opportunity to talk with our patients every day. I enjoy the aspect of getting to know our patients and seeing them leave with a great smile after their treatment. I come to the Dental Health Center team with aspirations of helping our team achieve the best pain-free care to our patients. The entire team at Dental Health Center really knows the importance of making the workplace relaxed and comfortable for our patients.

Dental Assistant - Eau Claire

I have always enjoyed helping people and chose to further my education for Dental Assisting.  I graduated with honors from the Chippewa Valley Technical College for Dental Assisting and have loved being in dentistry ever since.  I really enjoy getting to know new people and feel lucky to have a position in such a successful and upstanding dental office. I enjoy working here at the Dental Health Center and find it very rewarding because everyone is so focused on patient comfort and care.

Office Coordinator - Stanley

A great part of my job in front office is to greet each patient with a smile and a friendly hello. I’ve worked here for over 20 years and I know the patients very well. I often know their kids and grandkids, or their hobbies and other interests. That familiar feeling like family puts patients at ease and makes their visit more enjoyable. The transitions that have taken place in the office in the past year have gone smoothly because of the consistent staff working well together as a team.

Dental Hygienist - Chippewa Falls

Being a firm believer in continuing education, I pride myself in staying current with the latest dental treatments and technology to provide our patients with the treatment they deserve. I enjoy working with patients and getting to know them as individuals. A gentle, yet thorough, approach ensures that even the most apprehensive patients are comfortable and feel ‘at ease’ while treatment is being provided.  Consistency in delivering top-quality care helps educate our patients about the importance of daily home care and encourages them to maintain their oral health after their treatment is completed.

Dental Hygienist - Cadott

I have been honored to work for Dr. Willkom in Cadott for over 10 years. He has provided quality dental services for patients for over 30 years and I am excited that now, with Dental Health Center, the same quality care will be available to the Cadott community for years to come. We have a great team and I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

Dental Hygienist - Eau Claire

I feel really fortunate to have a job where I get to help people achieve better, healthier smiles. It makes every day right, knowing that I have done something that will keep people smiling. Dr. John knows how to set the right tone and put patients at ease to stop them from feeling stressed. What is more, I get to work with some of the greatest people that I am also lucky enough to consider best friends.