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Conscious Sedation Dentistry



Imagine: you wake up on your couch with years of dental avoidance taken care and all you remember is walking into our office! How is that possible? Sedation dentistry! Most people have some degree of dental anxiety, which is why we have comfort options including conscious sedation dentistry.What does Dental Health Center do to make you comfortable during your dental visit?


It starts with simply greeting you with a smile and genuinely caring how you are doing during your visit. We welcome you to bring your iPod or headphones to listen to music during your visit. We have blankets to make you feel cozy.

Did you know there are levels of sedation dentistry available? It starts with “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide) which is breathed in to help you feel more relaxed. Then there is oral medication administered in our office to achieve a more relaxed state of sedation dentistry, like Valium. The deepest form of conscious sedation dentistry was once called sleep dentistry; although you are able to communicate with us during your appointment, you don’t remember much if anything at all when you “wake up” from the sedation. Our staff has been specially trained and you are carefully monitored through out your entire visit. Sedation dentistry can help you get your dental work done without stress and anxiety in a safe, comfortable setting.


Your comfort and satisfaction is our goal. At your consultation we will discuss your dental treatment and what methods of sedation dentistry would be best to make you the most comfortable from start to finish.