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Dental Implants

You’ve probably heard of an implant, but exactly what is an implant? What’s the process for an implant? Are you a candidate for dental implants?


Courtesy of BioHorizons

Implants are a way to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. There are three parts to an implant: the implant itself that replaces the root of the tooth, the abutment that fastens into the implant to support the crown, and the crown that replaces the visible part of the tooth. An implant will look and function like a regular tooth!

Implants are placed once a tooth has been extracted. Most patients have very little to no discomfort after the procedure. That is because implants are placed into the bone where there are no nerve endings. Then they are allowed to heal for a period of a few months before moving on to the next step of restoring the implant. Once the implant has had a chance for osseointegration (bone has grown around the implant), it is ready for the next step. If it is a single tooth implant, an abutment is securely placed into the implant and an impression taken for the lab to make a crown. The crown is then cemented into place. If multiple implants are used to replace missing teeth, the implants can be used to fabricate a bridge or possibly secure a partial or denture.

Dental implants are the new cornerstone for a long term plan to replace missing teeth. With advancements in dentistry, implants are over 95% successful. Not everyone is a candidate for implants, however. Uncontrolled diabetes, periodontal disease, and smoking are factors that effect healing and bone level. That is why we start with a free consultation to discuss all your treatment options.

There are so many benefits and wonderful options that implants provide that we will be talking about them again in the future. You can always contact us for more information or schedule your consultation today!