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New TMD Treatment Available!

There is an exciting new TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) that is perfect for use during the day. It doesn’t interfere with talking, eating, or drinking. It’s  TMJ NextGeneration TM and it is available here at the Dental Health Center.

What is TMD

Perhaps you’ve heard of TMD, sometimes referred to as TMJ, but you aren’t sure what it is. Temporomandibular Joint Disorders are problems with the jaw and facial muscles. Symptoms may include popping or clicking in the joint as it opens and closes, frequent headaches, soreness in the jaw face, and neck muscles. Ear aches, hearing problems, dizziness, and ringing in the ear are also symptoms that are reported with TMD.

Treating TMD

TMD can be treated a few ways. First is with anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. Sometimes a mild muscle relaxer can be prescribed to help ease the muscles around the joint. Lifestyle changes are also an important part of controlling TMD.

Dental treatment may be used to balance the biting surfaces or correct a bite problem. This may be as simple as a series of appointments to adjust how the teeth come together. In some cases, orthodontics have been used to correct these issues. Other options may include crown and bridge or implants to replace missing teeth or correcting how the teeth come together.

Traditional splint therapy for TMD is a custom lab-made splint that minimizes the damage from clenching or grinding teeth by putting your bite into a more correct position. For many patients, this is a great nighttime treatment. There are those who need to wear their TMD splint more than just at night. Unfortunately, talking while wearing this splint can be a challenge. It must be taken out while eating too.

TMD Treatment with TMJ Next GenerationEnter TMJ NextGeneration TM. This is a great solution to reduce pain and discomfort of TMD for those who need more than nighttime treatment. TMJ NextGeneration TM is discretely worn to correct the jaw position. It does not interfere with talking, eating, or drinking.

Contact our office today for more information on this new TMD treatment. Some medical insurance companies benefit TMD as well. We offer a free TMD consultation, so call today to start feeling better!