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What Sets Us Apart: Friendly Dental

Dental Health Center delivers gentle, compassionate care to smiles. Our friendly Dental Health Center team fosters a warm, relaxed, and fun environment that is always a joy for patients as well as their families to visit. Since 1979, we have delivered modern, high-quality dental care where the patient and their smile is always the center of attention.

We put all of our patients at ease with a little sense of humor and gentle manner. We believe it is most important to take time to get to know those we serve. Oral health concerns and goals are always discussed in detail.

We work directly with our patients to create unique treatment plans that takes into account their comprehensive oral health needs. There is always an emphasis on education, relating the role of diet and nutrition and proper daily oral regimen as central to achieving and maintaining superior oral and overall bodily health. The most minimally intrusive procedure — prevention — remains the best medicine!

Dental Health Center has a well-earned reputation for delivery of pain-free, gentle dental care that is second to none. The team is trained to recognize that anxiety and fear as the result of poor or insensitive treatment by past providers has to be countered by listening.

A low-stress, peaceful, and safe environment contributes to a sense of patient calm and trust. We are always ready to discuss sedation methods to ensure that each patient is able to receive the care he or she needs without fear or worry.

Although we are a patient-centered practice, we are also among the most technologically advanced. Our staff is highly trained to deliver a complete range of general and cosmetic dental procedures, as well as facial rejuvenation treatments. Most in-demand products and procedures are available. We even have our own Cone beam X-ray machine that allows us to take 3D images!

Our patients’ time is important to us. So the team works to make sure patients and their families are always kept comfortable but never kept waiting. Special practice hours are available to prevent patient inconvenience or scheduling problems. Staff is always ready to work with patients to ensure that emergencies are responded to as quickly as possible.

The entire Dental Health Center team would love to meet you and your family. Complimentary consultations are available. Please contact one of our convenient, easy to reach locations for an appointment at 715-832-3100.

We would love to help you to a healthier, longer-lasting, and brighter smile!